Want to tell that special someone you care?

We’ll send a handmade postcard to your crush, from a secret admirer.

About the Project

Joanne Arnett

The day after having the idea to write and send postcards for others Joanne Arnett submitted it as a project to Kickstarter. She thought if things went well she would raise enough money to fund the project and maybe even a little extra to purchase art supplies for other artistic endeavors.

As orders for handmade postcards came in from around the world, she realized the idea was much bigger than just a one-time thing. Joanne quickly enlisted help and got to work so that Secret Admirer could continue beyond the close of the fundraising campaign.

Quite unexpectedly, Kickstarter really did kick start a new business.

How Does this Thing Work?

It’s simple, really. You tell us who you’d like to send a card to and we make the card, write it, address it, and send it off.

Art Supplies for the Cards

That’s it! All cards are hand made and hand written.

We help you send something personal in an increasingly impersonal world.

What Do We Offer?

Secret Admirer cards. Order now on Kickstarter!

Postcards are stamped and ready to send!

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